Color Master : Color by Number
Enjoy the Fun of Coloring!
It's time to start your coloring journey with Color Master, an innovative number coloring game. Check out the incredible paintings created by our gifted artists, and let this color therapy cure your anxious mind.
Use it on your phone or tablet.
Innovation number coloring game
Breaking the public's cognition of traditional coloring game, we have created a new pattern of coloring game - Color Master. Each image is divided into many cells marked with numbers, and different numbers correspond to different colors. The innovative Color Master will never again cause you to worry about which color to choose.
Secret weapon of anti-stress
It’s a secret weapon against anxiety. When you quietly enjoy the fun of coloring, annoyance and pressure dissipate imperceptibly, let the popular color therapy cure the anxious mind in the fast-paced life.
Coloring with gradients and textures
Cooperating with gifted artists, we strive to ensure the high quality of every picture. Check out the incredible textured and gradient paintings created by our artists. It is not just about exploring the unknown surprises in each step of the coloring process, but also enjoying the visual delight after completing the artwork.